The Malaysian Reserve – Will Group appointed new Chatime licensor

La Kaffa International Co Ltd, which recently terminated its contract with Loob Holding Sdn Bhd as the master franchisor of the Chatime brand, yesterday named Will Group as the new licensor for the brand.

La Kaffa announced in a statement yesterday that the strategic collaboration with Will Group will expand the Chatime brand further in the Malaysian market.

Via Will Group, La Kaffa is expected to open 30 new Chatime outlets over the next six months, with an additional 40 stores to be introduced by the middle of next year.

“We have had a very good understanding of Will Group’s capabilities over the last five years, as it has performed extremely well as a Chatime sub-franchisee in Malaysia.

“In fact, two of the highest earning outlets are operated by them,” La Kaffa chairman Henry Wang said.

Wang said Will Group’s high degree of dedication and prudent business operations make the outfit an ideal entity for La Kaffa to enhance partnership with.

“By working closely with Will Group, we hope to grow the revenue of Chatime Malaysia to eventually account for about 10% for the group in the next few years,” he said.
Malaysia currently contributes around 5% to the group’s revenue.

Will Group MD N Aliza said the company will further develop and grow Chatime to maintain its position as the No 1 bubble tea brand in the market.

“Well, we have been successful in implementing a strong business strategy to our outlets, and we feel we can assist other franchisees to grow their businesses further with the formula we have in place.”

Will Group ED Widayu Latiff said the company is determined to ensure Chatime remains profitable with a good return on investment for its business partners.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve