Will Group is a powerhouse Food & Beverage company in Asia leading a niche market of grab-n-go F&B chains with a successful trade history in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Under its group, the company holds  brand names such as world’s largest bubble tea chain, Chatime, HELLO frozen yogurt chain, Hotbox gourment sausages & snacks chain, as well as its largest supply chain company, LimaInc serving multiple products & brands across the countries. The company is Headquartered in both Indonesia & Malaysia and is on its expansion mode to reach 1500 F&B outlets.

Will Group was founded by Group CEO & Founder, Aliza Ali and Deputy CEO & Founder, Widayu Latiff.


Chatime Malaysia

As the owner of hundreds of Chatime outlets & rights in Malaysia, we have an optimistic vision to make Chatime the world’s no.1 bubble tea brand through its scrumptious boba drinks. Visit us at one of our Chatime outlets across the nation!

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HELLO is a tech-driven lifestyle grab-n-go Frozen Yogurt chain originated in Spain that offers healthy & fun selections of Frozen Yogurt. HELLO was founded by Aliza Ali in 2022.

HELLO opened its doors in 2022 when it first introduced fine Frozen Yogurt curated out of passion and freshness in the heart of Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta. HELLO aims to open 500 outlets across Malaysia & Indonesia, and to expand its wings globally as one of market’s finest grab-n-go F&B outlets.

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Hotbox is a food chain that offers an array of gourmet sausages, hot dogs, curly fries and premium nachos. Our foods are all designed to maintain the artisan quality, with a healthier and more flavourful twist. It was founded in 2022 and has grown from a single outlet to 40 outlets in less than a year as part of its 300 outlets expansion. 

Hotbox developed a unique & compact grab-n-go concept that’s minimal and convenient to ensure a smooth expansion locally and internationally.


Lima Inc

Lima Inc supplies and owns numerous brands under its roof serving multiple international F&B brands which includes raw materials & ingredients for food & beverage, health products, packaging, machineries, indirect materials and other services. Currently, Lima Inc supplies to more than 1000 F&B outlets across continents including franchise brands.

The company plays a vital role in making sure that the quality of each product reaches our customers’ expectation. Lima Inc aims to expand its product offering to cater to other market segmentation as well as curating new brands under its wing.



GoBerry is a flavorful drink rich in fibre & prebiotics that help to manage weight, trim waistlines and relieve constipation. Pre-packaged in individual sachets; it is known to be a healthy, safe and convenient way to detox and restore your body’s natural balance and glow. GoBerry aims to expand its product offerings to cater to the demands of healthy lifestyle amongst consumers.

Chatime (Malaysia)
  • 135 Outlets
  • 350 Outlets Expansion
HELLO (Indonesia)
  • 15 Outlets
  • 500 Outlets Expansion
  • 40 Outlets
  • 200 Outlets Expansion
Lima Inc
  • HQ Malaysia
  • HQ Indonesia
  • GoBerry Indonesia
  • GoBerry Malaysia
  • GoBerry Brunei
  • 160 Locations