Will Group is a business development and consultancy company that’s been operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Middle East in various industries namely Mining & Dredging, Construction, and Food & Beverage (F&B) since 2011.

Will Group
Mining & Dredging

Will Group is the concession holder of one of Malaysia’s largest mining operation. The project is masterminded by our team in an effort to have smoother river flow as part of the state Flood Mitigation project which was initiated by Will Group and coordinated by the state Irrigation and Drainage Department.

This project was developed with one goal in mind; to have an effective way to deepen the river without the burden of cost to the government.

Will Group

We strive to create and maintain an ideal society by ensuring the well being of our clients, employees, the communities, and the environment.


Will Group
Food & Beverages

As the Master Franchisee of Chatime in Malaysia, we have an optimistic vision to make Chatime, Malaysia’s no.1 bubble tea brand. We truly believe that our vision is feasible, because nobody makes quality freshly brewed tea drinks quite like Chatime.

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